White Tiger Tattoo

a note from TeeJay

I am still here.

I am still tattooing.

I am not retired and I did not die.

No matter what kind of rumors you may have heard.

I have for some time been over booked and am trying to pass as many projects as I can onto other artists at the shops. Give myself a little more breathing room.

If you and I have been working together on projects in the past - I may be willing continue to tattoo you based on the type of tattoo that you are wanting to have done.

If you are looking to have medical tattooing done, I am still taking on those types of clients.

If you are looking to have realistic tattooing done (working directly from a photograph) I will continue to book those appointments.

If you have a really amazing super fun project that you would like me to make for you,
contact me and I will let you know what my current availabilty is.

Other than that I am hiding.

Don't take it personally.

If you really 'need' a tattoo from me - appeal to me artistically (or financially... you could always try heaping money at me).

My photos are still online and new work will continue to be posted to my blog.
I am encouraging clients to investigate the outstanding work being done by the rest of the crew at White Tiger.

Thank you for your support. White Tiger Tattoo is still committed to the very best tattooing and designing tattoos that you can be proud to wear for a lifetime.
That has definitely not changed.
We plan on being here making your world more colorful until your kids are looking for their first tattoos (and hopefully beyond that).

Clarification on How I book appointments:

(none of this applies to guest spots and conventions - see below for those)

Once I am solidly booked for a calendar year, I stop booking appointments until October.

On or around October 1st I will start booking appointments for the following calendar year with clients who have work in progress.

If there are remaining appointments (for the following year) on or around Novemeber 1st I will start booking appointments for exisiting clients who would
like to start new projects. If the project is something that can be easily handled by another artist at one of the shops - I will ask that client to
please book with another artist instead.

If there are remaining appointments (for the following year) beginning on or around December 1st I will start taking on new clients who want tattoos
that are either portraits or realism.

If there are any remaining appointments available on or around mid December I will consider taking on new clients with new projects.
Preference will be given to clients who want work that is specifically in my style or work that I find artistically inspiring.

If you have questions as to how all of this works, please contact one of the Counter Staff at either shop.

Guest Spots and Conventions

Periodically I will travel to conventions or to visit friends out of state. When I am booking for these spots they work much simpler. I book ahead of time when possible
and take walk-ins when I can't. A PayPal deposit is preferred but may be waved based on circumstances.
As at home I prefer to do portrait work and realistic work and will give preference to these type of tattoos.
Please contact me directly with any questions as to availability and appointments.


I will be doing regular guest spots at Ace Custom Tattoo in Charlotte, NC & Always and Forever in Watertown, MA
About once a year I work out of Off the Map in EastHampton, MA
Conventions will be listed on the Conventions page

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