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What Brings You Here?

My original intent with this (at that time mostly hidden) section of the web page was to address patients that had upcoming appointments with me for reconstructive tattooing of the nipple areola complex. Since most of my patients were not scheduled for preliminary consultations, I wanted to provide a place where some questions could be answered and patients could review photographs of past procedures.
Due to the magic of the internet and google, many more people are landing here directly for a vairety of reasons.

So if you are here for the originally intended purpose and have an upcoming appointment with me, the text below is intended for you.

If you are a patient from another region with questions about reconstructive tattooing - Click Patient Advice

If you are a tattoo artist with questions about performing reconstructive work - Click Info for Tattoo Artists

If you are a medical provider with questions about anything other than insurance - Click Medical Providers

Links to Photos of my work are at the bottom of this page.

If you have additional questions or are looking for information that you can not locate here, please contact me directly via email. TeeJay1@frontiernet.net (that is a one after TeeJay)



I've added this section to the web page to hopefully answer some of the questions that arise before during and after nipple tattooing (areola repigmentation if you would like to be fancy). If there is anything else that you would like to see here, any questions that you would like addressed or any other comments that you might have at all. Please do not hesitate to contact me. My direct email is teejay1@frontiernet.net and the shop phone numbers are Greece (585) 621-4460 and Webster is (585) 872-2722.

Who are You? How long have you been doing this?

I have been tattooing professionally since around 1991 or 92. I began doing the nipple reconstruction tattooing sometime in the mid 90s.

What Can I Expect?

Usually I will start out by asking you if you have any questions for me. (So start thinking of 'em now). Try to answer them and then show you pictures of work that I have done in the past. (Links below).... The we will try to find a comfortable postition for you to sit in. Most clients feel more comfrtable with something over their shoulders, so you may want to bring a shirt that buttons up in the front with you. From there we will try and find a suitable color. Once we are both happy with the color I will mark out the area that we will be working to fill. The tattooing itself takes about 15 minutes per side. For most everyone the noise that the machine makes is the most annoying part. While the tattooing does hurt normally I find that the combination of what you have been through prior to this and the damage to nerve endings makes it pretty tolerable. It is possible to use local anesthetics prior to the procedure - but generally is not necessary and always complicates the healing process. If you have extreme sensitivity or pain in the area that we will be working in - please contact me directly before your appointment and we can discuss possible options.
After we are finished I will let you check everything out in a mirror... make sure everything is ok, explain to you once again (because I will have probably mentioned many times already by this point) that the tattoo will be darker and redder right now than it will be when it is healed.
I will put bandages on you (let you get dressed) and go over the care instructions with you.

General Stuff

Like any medical procedure, you should try to come to the appointment fed and healthy. Unlike normal medical procedures you are more than welcome to have fun during the process. Want to bring a friend? Bring 'em along. Want to bring your own music? - great! bring an iPod with you. Want to celebrate being at the end of the process? Let me know what you would like to do and I will try to help in any way that I can. Please do not be afraid to ask me anything. I work at a tattoo shop - you aren't going to offend me! Please do not be scared of the weird tattoo lady - I have a house and husband and kids and all the usual life stuff - just perhaps with a bit more color.
I want to do everything that I can to help this process be a simple pleasant experience - please let me know what I can do for you.

Booking An Appointment

To reach me at the shops - (585) 621-4460 (GREECE) or (585) 872-2722 (WEBSTER)
or email me at teejay1@frontiernet.net

At this time I am unable to accept insurance as payment personally.
If you would like to use your insurance to pay for your tattooing - you must contact one of the doctor's offices to book with me there.

Dr Vega - Vega Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester

If your insurance will not cover all of your tattooing appointment or you have a high deductible plan that you are still paying on - you may book with me at the shop and pay out of pocket.
(...or you prefer the studio environment, or just because you feel like it. Whatever you like is fine with me.)
I accept Visa, Mastercard and of course cash.

Out of pocket prices for tattooing at the studio are as follows:

Unilateral conventional tattooing $200
Unilateral 3D effect tattooing $250
Bilateral conventional tattooing $250
Bilateral 3D effect tattooing $300

Cash prices at the doctor's offices are different and are set by the offices. If you have any questions on billing or pricing there, please contact those offices directly.


Single Side Work


3D Tattooing

Other Options


Care Instructions

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